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Monitoring as a Service
Windows health & performance monitoring at your fingertips.

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Data Integrity Protection Service

Make unexpected data losses a thing of the past
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Monitoring as a Service
Monitoring your Windows systems no longer means having to strap a gorilla on your network's back.
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Data Integrity Protection Service
Protect the integrity of your data from unexpected hard-disk drive failures. Check the health of your drives right now!

Your Windows System’s Health Is Our Business

SentinelAgent is a 100% cloud-based Microsoft Windows monitoring solution. With its ultralight footprint agent-based design, SentinelAgent securely captures, stores and analyzes event logs, performance metrics (WMI) and system inventory in real-time from any number of Windows PCs, tablets and servers on your network.

Is Your Windows System Healthy?

Download SA MaaS and start monitoring the health of your Windows devices.

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