4 Reasons Your Business Needs Microsoft Azure Cloud Services

Microsoft’s cloud is one that won’t rain on your business’s parade. The technology giant has been working hard lately to refine its cloud services and make them the best available. Using this premium world-class platform allows services such as multi-tiered cloud monitoring like SentinelAgent to monitor a vast number of servers, desktops and workstations at once. Receive personalized notifications for several metrics, check data and logs from any device in the world, with an unmatched level transparency and security. This translates into some major advantages for businesses – both large and small – who use Azure-based services. If your business isn’t yet taking advantage of cloud services, you should seriously consider hopping on the bandwagon.

Azure Productivity

Some of the world’s top companies make full use of Microsoft’s Azure cloud platform; in fact, according to Neowin, 57 percent of Fortune 500 companies use Azure. That number is bound to increase as Microsoft makes further improvements to the platform. They recently promised that they are going to bring up their SLA to 99.9 percent; that equates to a downtime of less than one hour a year.

Cloud-based monitoring, such as that provided by SentinelAgent, is another helping hand to businesses. The monitoring keeps track of how Windows devices across a network perform, which enables IT teams to tackle issues before they put a damper on productivity.


Even small companies can reap great benefits from the cloud. Using cloud-based computing spares them from having to invest in a ton of hardware. They can put the money they save on technology costs into promoting their business.
Also, because using the cloud as part of business operations is so easy, it can save you from having to hire a battalion of IT guys to keep things running smoothly.


The cloud makes it easy for your IT network admins to collaborate keeping your systems running and can help them troubleshoot issues at a distance. No more need to come into the office to check on the health of the server. It can now all be done from where ever you have an internet connection.

Azure Security

Cyber villains lurk around every corner, and Microsoft provides some heavy-duty armor to defend against them. Azure complies with ISO 27001 security certification, which is the high standard that experts expect from leading businesses. SentinelAgent therefore benefits from the highest security standards the cloud can offer. Rest assured, your system data is secure.