SA MaaS Microsoft Dynamics CRM

SA MaaS: Microsoft Dynamics CRM – Coming Soon!

Ultralight footprint monitoring specifically tailored for Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

SentinelAgent Monitoring-as-a-Service

SA MaaS Microsoft Dynamics CRM gathers a full range of Microsoft-recommended health & performance metrics for the CRM server, its components and the Windows Server all into one centralized location.

Rather than manually setting up a monitoring process for each CRM component, SA MaaS Microsoft Dynamics CRM provides plug & play monitoring experience that covers all your bases from a single installation.

Whether on-premise or virtual, your worldwide Dynamics CRM infrastructure can be actively monitored with our all-in-one solution, helping you to harmonize your monitoring data, and track system-wide performance trends.

Minimum Requirements

  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2012 R2
  • System memory: 512 Mb
  • Disk space: 15 Mb

What Does SA MaaS Microsoft Dynamics CRM Monitor?

SA MaaS Microsoft Dynamics CRM is pre-configured to monitor Microsoft-recommended event log and WMI counter data that relate to Dynamics CRM performance and stability. You can also customize other rules so you can run your system just how you like it.

SA Monitoring-as-a-Service Core Features
True Cloud Monitoring, Ultra-Light Footprint, Premium Data Security

Enterprise, Non-Profit, Education & Government Pricing
SentinelAgent can make available specific pricing to meet specific needs