SA DIPS Data Integrity Protection Service

Protect Yourself From The Cost of a Data Recovery Attempt

Available Exclusively From SentinelAgent: Data Recovery Protection For New and Non-New HDDs

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SA DIPS: Your Data Integrity Protection Service

SA DIPS is a data recovery protection plan that, in the event of a disk failure, can save you hundreds of dollars in data recovery fees and the inestimable cost of lost data.

Your data is a slave to a machine; one that can break down and take your valuable data down with it. But what if you could instantly validate the health of your disks and protect yourself from both data loss and the high cost of data recovery?

Simply validate your HDD’s eligibility with our free SA MaaS solution and set up your last line of defense against unexpected data loss in a matter of minutes.

Different from typical data recovery plans in several ways

  • We offer SA DIPS on new and non-new HDDs, including SSDs
  • Our system can validate the health of your disks in a matter of minutes
  • Our combined monitoring solution and DIPS plan is piece of mind you’ll find nowhere else
  • Our SA DIPS fees are small annual operational expenses, not pricey one-time capital expenses
  • Low cost data loss risk management component of your Disaster Recovery Plan

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SA DIPS: How to Get Started

SA DIPS and SA MaaS work hand-in-hand. We need SA MaaS to validate the health of your HDDs before we can protect them! It’s not a complicated process, just follow these steps.


If you don’t already have a SentinelAgent account, create one for free now.

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Download the SA MaaS agent onto each machine with an HDD you want to protect.



In minutes, SA MaaS will determine if your HDDs are eligible for an SA DIPS license.

About Eligibility


If eligible, you can purchase your SA DIPS license by clicking on the link below!

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How do we do it?

Using our evolutionary cloud-based monitoring system, SA MaaS, we can validate and protect new and non-new HDDs under our plan the way no other provider can. By validating the health of your non-new HDDs, we minimize our risk and pass along the savings to you. Finally! Your existing HDDs and data can be protected for only pennies a day! No extra recovery costs, just your annual DIPS license.

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Lightning Fast Setup

Using SA DIPS is easy whether you’re an existing SA MaaS user or new to the SentinelAgent family. Simply install SA MaaS on your machine (yes, even just the free version if you want) and check out if your HDD is eligible for an SA DIPS license. From your account dashboard, you can purchase a DIPS plan for every validated HDD and activate and assign a DIPS license to each HDD on your SA MaaS account.


  • Non-new HDD validation must be performed by SA MaaS
  • HDDs operating in Microsoft Windows environments only (other OSs currently not supported)
  • Non-RAID setups only (RAID currently not supported)
  • IDE, SATA, ATA, SCSI HDDs only
  • No external or USB drives
  • One SA DIPS plan per HDD
  • Non-new HDDs that are free of pre-existing errors will be eligible for DIPS
  • Healthy internal SSDs can be eligible for SA DIPS

In the event of an HDD failure:

  • Complete the data recovery service form
  • Send us your HDD for a data recovery attempt
  • If your data is recoverable, we’ll work our magic and return your data to you within a few days

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