SA Enterprise System Builder

SA MaaS for System Builders and System Integrators

System Builders

Our revenue sharing model is tailored to System Builders and ready to be deployed on any scale.

SA MaaS: Cloud Tools Your Users Expect

SentinelAgent’s Monitoring-as-a-Service (MaaS) is an agent-based technology that can be loaded onto any Windows system, where the end-user can subsequently choose to open an account and activate the software.

Minimal disk space is required (15 Mb) to install the agent and SA MaaS can be an appealing complement to a system tool software suite. Just as antivirus solutions come pre-loaded on a trial basis to protect software, SA MaaS can fill the same role to protect hardware.

Key Features

  • Real-time Event Log Monitoring
  • Real-time Performance Monitoring
  • Real-time System Inventory Monitoring
  • 100% Cloud-Based Architecture
  • 1 Full-Year Data Retention
  • Monitor All Your Machines From 1 Account
  • Email Notification For WMI Counters
  • Email Notification For Event Log Counters
  • Network Installation Ready