SA MaaS Microsoft Windows

SA MaaS: Microsoft Windows

Health and performance monitoring for Windows desktops, laptops & tablets

SentinelAgent Monitoring-as-a-Service

SA MaaS Microsoft Windows is a CHECK ENGINE light for your Windows PC or tablet. By gathering, storing and analyzing raw system health and performance data, SA MaaS can immediately notify you of any problems with your device.

At a minimal cost, SA MaaS can help improve performance, reduce the risk of data loss and avoid critical system failures. The best part is, you can monitor all your devices from a single account, accessible anywhere in the world!

Our software is easy to install an we’ve preset critical error notifications to save you the hassle. If you’re looking to take it a step further, you can set customized notifications for up to 10 more performance and health monitors.

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Key Features

  • Real-time Event Log Monitoring
  • Real-time Performance Monitoring
  • Real-time System Inventory Monitoring
  • 100% Cloud-Based Architecture
  • 1 Full-Year Data Retention
  • Monitor All Your Machines From 1 Account
  • Pre-Configured Notifications for CPU/Disk/Memory
  • Customizable Notifications for 5 WMI Counters
  • Pre-Configured Notifications for Event ID Errors
  • Customizable Notifications for 5 Event IDs
  • Network Installation Ready

Minimum Requirements

  • Windows version: 7 / 8 / 8.1 / 2008 / 2008 R2 / 2012
  • System memory: 512 Mb
  • Disk space: 15 Mb

What Does SA MaaS Microsoft Windows Monitor?

SA MaaS Microsoft Windows is pre-configured to monitor the overall performance and health of your Windows system. You can also customize SA MaaS to monitor other critical functions to make sure every component of your system is running smoothly.

Category WMI Counter
Processor % Processor time
Processor % User Time
Processor % Interrupt Time
Memory Available Mbytes
Logicaldisk % Free Space
Memory Pages/Sec
Memory Pages Input/sec
Memory Pages Output/sec
Memory Pool Nonpaged Bytes
Memory Pool Paged Bytes
Memory % Committed Bytes in Use
Memory Free System Page Table Entries
Memory Cache Bytes
Process Handle Count
Process Thread Count
Process Private Bytes
Logicaldisk % Idle Time
Logicaldisk Avg. Disk Sec/Read
Logicaldisk Avg. Disk Sec/Write
Category Event ID
Event Log 6008
Event Log 6279

SA Monitoring-as-a-Service Core Features
True Cloud Monitoring, Ultra-Light Footprint, Premium Data Security

Enterprise, Non-Profit, Education & Government Pricing
SentinelAgent can make available specific pricing to meet specific needs