SA MaaS Microsoft SQL Server

SA MaaS: Microsoft SQL Server

Ultralight footprint monitoring for on-premise and virtual Microsoft SQL servers.

SentinelAgent Monitoring-as-a-Service

SA MaaS Microsoft SQL Server for on-premise and virtual Microsoft SQL servers gathers, stores and analyzes raw Microsoft recommended health & performance diagnostics to help network admins and DBAs keep SQL servers running at peak performance and find the logs they need.

SA MaaS’ ultralight footprint will allow you to get more out of your server without sacrificing performance.

Our SQL tailored products are designed especially for today’s savvy network administrators & DBAs; helping get the most out of the SQL server.

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Key Features

  • Real-time Event Log Monitoring
  • Real-time Performance Monitoring
  • Real-time System Inventory Monitoring
  • 100% Cloud-Based Architecture
  • 1 Full-Year Data Retention
  • Monitor All Your Machines From 1 Account
  • Pre-Configured Notifications for CPU/Disk/Memory
  • Customizable Notifications for 20 WMI Counters
  • Pre-Configured Notifications for Event ID Errors
  • Customizable Notifications for 30 Event IDs
  • Network Installation Ready

Minimum Requirements

  • Microsoft SQL Server 2008
  • System memory: 512 Mb
  • Disk space: 15 Mb

What Does SA MaaS Microsoft SQL Monitor?

SA MaaS Microsoft SQL is pre-configured to monitor Microsoft recommended event log and WMI counter that relate to SQL server performance. You can also customize other rules so you can run your server just how you like it.

Category WMI Counter
Memory Available Mbytes
Memory Pages Input/Sec
Memory Pages/Sec
Paging File %Usage
Paging File %Usage Peak
PhysicalDisk Avg. Disk Sec/Read
PhysicalDisk Avg. Disk sec/Write
SQLServer:Buffer Manager Free list stalls/sec
SQLServer:Buffer Manager Lazy writes/sec
SQLServer:Buffer Manager Checkpoint Pages/sec
SQLServer:Buffer Manager Page Life Expectancy
SQLServer:Buffer Manager Page Lookups/sec
SQLServer:Buffer Manager Page Reads/sec
SQLServer:Buffer Manager Readahead pages/sec
SQLServer:SQL Statistics Batch Requests/Secv
SQLServer:SQL Statistics SQL Compilations/sec
SQLServer:Databases Log Flush Wait Time
SQLServer:Databases Log Flush Waits/sec
SQLServer:Databases Log Flushes/sec
SQLServer:Databases Log Growths
SQLServer:Databases Percent Log Used
SQLServer:Access Methods Forwarded Records/sec
SQLServer:Access Methods Full Scans/sec
SQLServer:Access Methods Index Searches/sec
SQLServer:Access Methods Page Splits/sec
SQLServer:Access Methods Workfiles Created/sec
SQLServer:Access Methods Worktables Created/sec
SQLServer:Buffer Manager Database Pages
SQLServer:Buffer Manager Procedure Cache Pages
SQLServer:Buffer Manager Target Pages
SQLServer:Buffer Manager Target Pages
SQLServer:Buffer Manager Stolen Pages/sec
SQLServer:Memory Manager Total Server Memory (KB)
SQLServer:Memory Manager Target Server Memory (KB)
SQLServer:General Statistics Logins/sec and Logouts/sec
SQLServer:Latches Latch Waits/sec
SQLServer:Latches Average Latch Wait Time (ms)
SQLServer:Latches Total Latch Wait Time (ms)
SQLServer:Locks Lock Waits/sec
SQLServer:Locks Average Wait Time (ms)
SQLServer:Locks Lock Requests/sec
SQLServer:Locks Lock Timeouts/sec
SQLServer:Locks Number of Deadlocks/sec
SQLServer:Access Methods Worktables From Cache Ratio
SQLServer:Access Methods Table Lock Escalations/sec
SQLServer:Transactions Longest Transaction Running Time
Category Event ID
Event Log 18456
Event Log 9954
Event Log 17187
Event Log 24009
Event Log 24308
Event Log 24011
Event Log 24015
Event Log 24017
Event Log 24019
Event Log 24021
Event Log 24023
Event Log 24052
Event Log 24057
Event Log 24159
Event Log 24161
Event Log 24163
Event Log 24165
Event Log 24167
Event Log 24169
Event Log 24171
Event Log 24180
Event Log 24182
Event Log 24184
Event Log 24186
Event Log 24188
Event Log 24190
Event Log 24192
Event Log 24299
Event Log 24302
Event Log 24304
Event Log 24306
Event Log 24308

SA Monitoring-as-a-Service Core Features
True Cloud Monitoring, Ultra-Light Footprint, Premium Data Security

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SentinelAgent can make available specific pricing to meet specific needs