5 IT Risk Management Problems Solved

IT risk management and budgeting are perhaps the two biggest stress points for any IT leader. Forbes recently compiled a five-point list of often overlooked IT risks and each point, we believe, should be of interest to SentinelAgent users and prospective buyers.

1. Reliability

Question: How reliable is your third-party service? SentinelAgent has mitigated this IT risk by building its software entirely on a cloud-based architecture. We use Microsoft Azure cloud technology for all functions (worker and storage) of SentinelAgent. The only item that’s local is the agent installed on each endpoint being monitored. As long as someone has internet access, SentinelAgent data and notifications will be accessible.

2. Interdependency

Question: How is your third-party service intertwined with your operations? This is another IT risk SentinelAgent has bypassed because SentinelAgent isn’t itself an operational tool. SentinelAgent is designed to help IT resources keep the operational tools working. There are no interactions required with other software or processes.

3. Breach Management

Question: What’s your breach protocol? This IT risk can be addressed by SentinelAgent’s hardware and software inventory feature which can be used in a forensic capacity to determine the origin of a security breach or failure. SentinelAgent data is securely stored offsite and updated in real-time, therefore regardless of the severity of the breach, performance and event log data will not be compromised, and can be used to trace and react to a breach or failure incident.

4. Disaster recovery

Question: What’s your DR plan? Data loss is a serious IT risk that SentinelAgent, in addition to its monitoring functions, can help mitigate. Whether for new drives or non-new drives, SentinelAgent can be called upon to recover critical data for a fraction of the cost of traditional data recovery.

5. Change Management

Question: What’s your version control protocol? SentinelAgent’s software inventory features offers version information for all software installed on a monitored endpoint. At a glance, IT resources can instantly pinpoint version-related issues and address the problem accordingly.

As concluded in the Forbes article, no one likes IT surprises – especially when they involve money. SentinelAgent is, at its core, a visibility tool to avoid IT surprises. Stay ahead of the curve. Scalable, flexible and affordable, SentinelAgent is the tool for you.