Data Recovery vs Data Integrity – Tactic vs Strategy

The soul crushing moment of all soul crushing moments. It’s even got a color and a name! The Blue Screen of Death. Sounds more like a B-roll horror movie than the universally feared warning error message that it is. But do you know what’s worse than the BSOD? A paperweight you used to call your hard-drive and that your data called home.

Data Recovery Is a Last Resort

“I have a warranty on my machine, I’m safe.” Well…uh…that’s not really how it works. The hardware and the data are two separate things; just like a car and its passengers. Sure you have insurance to repair the dents in your car, but unless you buckle up and protect the passengers, bent sheet metal will be the least of your problems in the event of an accident.

Think of it this way: data recovery is the emergency trauma ward for your data. If a data recovery attempt doesn’t work, dust off your black suit and tie! That’s all she wrote.

That’s why data recovery is a tactic, not a strategy. It’s a reactionary measure to an event. A strategy would consist of taking all the preventative measures available to make sure your data never winds up in the ER, clinging to life on hope and prayer.

Data Integrity Requires a Strategy

Continuing with our car analogy, let’s look at strategy as the combination of all the passenger safety components of the vehicle. Not so long ago, the only safety measure you could get in a car was a strap across your waist. Once we realized that, wait a minute, people aren’t exactly coming out of accidents in great shape (to say the least), the comprehensive and redundant approach to safety seemed less like an expense and more like an investment. Like you, car manufacturers relied too heavily on the services of the ER! Fast forward 30 years, and hello ABS brakes, airbags, crumple zones and safety glass just to name a few.

Gamble with it if you want, but if you care at all about your data, you’ll need the same redundant multi-layer integrity preservation strategy as our friends in the car industry. Backups, system monitoring, and yes, data recovery too!

Strategic System Tools

SentinelAgent is built using this strategic philosophy. Monitor your hardware, monitor your software, and make sure that if something still goes awry, that you won’t get stuck with a monster bill for data recovery.

Our approach is simple. Ensure your system is healthy, keep it healthy, and in the event of a problem, make it as easy as pie for you to get your data back and move on with life.