The Right Tool for the Right Job: Hardware Specific Monitoring Tools

Monitoring tools for a Windows system, whether it’s a desktop, laptop, tablet, or server, are not the place for a one-size-fits-all approach. Each system has its own functions, specs and sweet spot for optimal performance. Even though they’re all running a Windows OS, system administrators need to distill specific information about each component from the mass of performance and health data that a Windows system produces.

Monitoring Tools For Workstations and Mobile Devices?

Aside from the replacement cost of the machine, a workstation or mobile device failure is not likely to cause too much damage to a company or its bottom line. It’s not to say that these devices are unimportant, it’s just that in comparison to say a Microsoft Exchange or SQL server, the likelihood of a paralyzed workstation grinding operations to a halt is minimal.

However, as the scale of a network grows, so do the odds of multiple failures and aging devices. At some point, the headaches caused by low-performing or “bricked” devices can really start to tax productivity and even team morale. An already stressful day compounded by a hopelessly slow computer can send tensions through the roof. That’s when the real costs start to add up.

SentinelAgent knows that the ROI on monitoring these kinds of devices can be hard to demonstrate. That’s why we offer a low cost comprehensive Windows monitoring tools for desktops, laptops, and tablets as well as a basic free version that’ll do the trick for most networks. Free information about the health and performance of each Windows end-point on the network? Yup! We got that covered!

Critical Components Need Attention!

Microsoft Server, Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft SQL. Any failure of these critical components will cause serious harm to the business. While their names all start with Microsoft and they all run a version of the Windows OS, they each produce their own sets of performance and health data. The inconvenience and irritant for every system admin has been getting that component specific data out of the machine for analysis and alert notifications.

We tried lumping in all the necessary component information into one license when we first launched SentinelAgent. But it’s our clients who told us they needed something better. Something specific to each component that they could install without having to invest mountains of time setting up and configuring for that device.

That’s why we took the “Right Tool for the Right Job” direction for our product lineup. Every SentinelAgent license is tailored to individual user groups and specific devices. It’s the only way we could live up to our promise of friction-free monitoring tools! Everything is pre-configured to minimize set up time and each paid license lets you modify a bunch of parameters to let you manage your network the way you want.

Give it a try, you’ll see just how it easy it is to use cloud-based monitoring tools to keep your systems humming without the stress.