IT Compliance: Let Us Help Ease the Headache

Many security compliance standards such as the Health Insurance Portability & Protection Act (HIPPA) and the Sarbanes-Oxley Act (SOX) require detailed information about the use of and access to IS/IT resources. Interpretations and applications of these and other compliance standards can vary but one constant remains: system activity logs must be kept for auditing purposes.

Compliance Issues

Among the many requirements of HIPPA and SOX compliance, access traceability is perhaps the most basic. This is true not only for compliance purposes, but for security purposes as well. Login and authentication logs can provide valuable insights into internal security practices and act as sentinels for external security threats.

The tedious part of compliance is of course obtaining and preserving the required log data from your systems. Manually programming audit policies can, for small networks, be a viable option but even so, the risks of errors and gaps in the process are enormous. The only credible and reliable way of obtaining the necessary log files is to implement a monitoring solution.

Compliance Tools

Meeting compliance standards can be a very costly undertaking. The information HIPPA & SOX require from IT systems will usually require significant investments in both hardware and software. There are many robust monitoring platforms on the market, but few if any can be considered plug & play.

SentinelAgent is a hassle-free solution that’s ready to collect compliance-related information the moment you install it. Unlike traditional monitoring solutions, SentinelAgent collects raw event log data and stores it in the cloud for easy access and long-term preservation.

Download SentinelAgent’s free trial to see how easy it can be to get the system information you need for the compliance standards that apply to you. If SentinelAgent doesn’t capture the data you need, let us know and we’ll see what we can do to help!