SA MaaS: Monitoring-as-a-Service

SA MaaS [Monitoring as a Service]

SA Monitoring as a Service

Cloud-based monitoring software for Windows PCs, tablets and servers!

SA MaaS: Core License Features

Monitoring a Windows environment can be a huge expense and a technical nightmare. With SA MaaS, you can install our software on all your Windows end-points in a matter of minutes and get notified of any problems without any complicated technical procedures.


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Key Features

  • Real-time Event Log Monitoring
  • Real-time Performance Monitoring
  • Real-time System Inventory Monitoring
  • 100% Cloud-Based Architecture
  • 7 Days Data Retention (Rotating)
  • Monitor All Your Machines From 1 Account
  • Pre-Configured Notifications for CPU/Disk Errors
  • Pre-Configured Notifications for Event ID Errors
  • No Ads. No Bloat.
  • Network Installation Ready
  • 2.7 Mb Disk Space Required

Minimum Requirements

  • Windows version: 7 / 8 / 8.1 / 2008 / 2008 R2 / 2012
  • System memory: 512 Mb
  • Disk space: 15 Mb

The Evolution of Windows System & Hardware Monitoring

No Bloat, No Resource Hogging!

A true cloud architecture that makes SA MaaS’ presence
on your network practically unnoticeable.


SA MaaS offers convenient installation and deployment options for any size network. From local to large-scale network installation capability, SA MaaS allows for a simple cost-effective deployment that won’t disrupt your existing infrastructure and is ready to go immediately upon installation.


SA MaaS uses a secure agent-based architecture and SSL encryption to upload and store system data within the Microsoft Azure® cloud. From your secure SentinelAgent account, you can then quickly and easily access a rich array of performance data for any number of Windows end-points in full confidence that your data is safe.

SA MaaS Functionality

Windows Event Log Monitoring

Event logs are a great place to start when tracing the source of a problem. The trouble is, unless you’re monitoring event logs, you won’t know something is wonky until the system fails. SA MaaS gathers all event logs from any Windows system with preset Microsoft recommended spec notification rules to keep you informed the minute sparks start to fly. If that’s not enough to keep your systems running smoothly, SA MaaS lets you customize a whole bunch of notification rules to suit your needs.

WMI Monitoring

The problem with Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI), as you may very well know, is that it’s only available locally on the machine and because it generates so much data, none of it is preserved on the machine itself for future analysis or trouble-shooting. SA MaaS can take a snapshot of current system performance or analyze long-term trends and we’ve set up preset Microsoft recommended notification rules for each SA MaaS license type to help you get started faster. You can also set up other customized counters and rules that best fit your system, depending on the SA MaaS license you choose.

Hardware & Software Inventory

SA MaaS provides inventory details including hardware component serial numbers and manufacturing dates as well as software license information, installation date and version history for all monitored machines. In addition to regulatory compliance, SA MaaS’ inventory monitoring will help you ensure version control of critical software and security components of your network.

Sharing & Tagging

SA MaaS’s sharing feature allows data to be shared with other SentinelAgent account holders to accelerate the resolution process. You can share either just the end-point data or the whole account and access to this data can of course be limited to read-only or full control. Tagging is a feature that allows you to highlight and group end-points together within your account to simplify monitoring your network’s end-points by department, function or risk-profile – particularly useful when managing larger networks, especially if IT resources are assigned to client groups within an organization.

Alerts & Notifications

SA MaaS allows you to designate anyone you choose to receive alert emails. If you prefer to alert a group, simply create a distribution list and assign the address to the notification system. SA MaaS will notify you in real-time of any situation you’ve asked it to look out for, giving you piece of mind that your network is running smoothly and helping you promptly notify the right resources to reduce your mean-time-to-repair (MTTR).

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