Monitoring Microsoft Dynamics NAV: Welcome to 2015!

Monitoring Microsoft Dynamics NAV is still a tedious process that typically involves a manual setup of event log and performance monitoring within the PerfMon and PerfView applications. Isn’t it time to shed the light of 2015 on this Stone Age process?

Monitoring Microsoft Dynamics NAV Now Plug & Play

Despite its importance to business operations, there are few, if any, out-of-the-box monitoring applications pre-configured specifically for Microsoft Dynamics NAV. The means NAV certified partners and professionals have not had any credible alternatives to the time consuming manual monitoring setups that are so fertile for human error.

The dark days are over. To the Microsoft Dynamics NAV community: SentinelAgent has heard your cries for help! Say hello to SA MaaS Microsoft Dynamics NAV! Not only is SA MaaS a plug and play monitoring solution tailor-made for NAV, it’s 100% cloud-based, it’s got an ULTRALIGHT network footprint (yes that means no 1,000 lbs gorilla on your server), and it won’t bust your budget.

Consolidated View, Real-Time Data

Imagine this all you NAV partners and pros: no more fiddling with Perfmons and PerfView, no more guess work with performance data and events on the server. SA MaaS Microsoft Dynamics NAV monitors all Microsoft Dynamics NAV functions, both at the application and server level and offers a consolidated view of all the event and performance data you’re looking for to keep your NAV instances stable and functioning.

What’s more is that with SA MaaS, there’s no need for a complicated setup process, no need for an expensive and complicated deployment. Simply install SA MaaS Microsoft Dynamics NAV on the corresponding NAV server and SA MaaS will, in a matter of minutes, provide a real-time snapshot of Microsoft recommended monitoring data for both the NAV instance and the NAV server.

Microsoft Dynamics NAV Partners & Certified Professionals

SA MaaS products are the ideal solution at both ends of the Microsoft Dynamics NAV business spectrum. For certified professionals, SA MaaS uses a cloud console and secure cloud data storage to provide global accessibility to your monitoring data and notifications. For partners, SA MaaS can be used either to monitor your client’s systems yourself or as an added product in your NAV-specific lineup.

Monitoring Microsoft Dynamics NAV is no longer a headache. SA MaaS is simply the easiest, most affordable monitoring application for Microsoft Dynamics NAV.