Why Monitoring Your Systems Should Be Multi-tiered

Multi-tiered monitoring is a vital part of any IT strategy. Here’s why your business needs to adopt this model today to improve network performance and keep your data secure.

Standardized Error Logging

A streamlined error log reporting system with instant notification functionality gives you and your IT team a means to discover problems as they happen and diagnose issues more quickly.

SentinelAgent’s decision to use Microsoft cloud technology allows their multi-tiered monitoring to accommodate any number of servers, desktops and workstations at once while maintaining the standard log reporting language. Get personalized notifications based on your event logs and performance monitors with SentinelAgent’s SaaS architecture. Check the logs from anywhere in the world from any device using your account. This centralized location for monitoring makes it easier for you and IT team to monitor all areas at once without losing sight of key details.

Cloud-Based System Security

Using an on-site monitoring architecture doesn’t give your company the level of security and transparency needed to prevent data loss. SentinelAgent’s platform uses a verified secure SSL connection to send data, storing information offsite in a secure Microsoft Azure cloud. With SentinelAgent’s multi-tiered approach to monitoring, the physical infrastructure of database storage is separate from the presentation layer and the worker role.

Proactive Monitoring

SentinelAgent’s proactive monitoring informs any decision makers of events as they occur — from maxed-out hard drives to system failures — so you and your IT management team are never too far behind any problem.

Receive notices through email, creating a distribution list of influencers who can jump on issues to solve them before they threaten network stability. This feature can cut downtime for repairs, improve communication between IT and C-levels, and strengthen service delivery.
The system can also alert decision makers regarding the status of key performance indicators, including revenue earned per customer, web bounce rates, average number of transactions per day, and cost per customer. Real-time data on these statistics allows your business to pivot strategies faster to take advantage of emerging market trends.

Maintain Network Performance with Lean Construction

Hefty software packages can drag down network performance through excessive bandwidth demands during data transfer. Lean construction and low resource use through a multi-tiered monitoring system frees up valuable resources and maintains performance levels across the board. SentinelAgent’s cloud-based monitoring solution auto throttles to decrease bandwidth use. Its negligible draw on resources and lean architecture makes sure that your network won’t struggle to perform. All applications will continue to run smoothly while SentinelAgent is active.
Your monitoring tactics are not stagnant and even with a system like SentinelAgent in place, your company still needs to adjust strategies as network demands change.