XaaS Unleashed: Why Everything-as-a-Service is Going Mainstream

Everything-as-a-service (XaaS) is going mainstream thanks to cloud-based applications and infrastructure from massive companies like Microsoft. As more businesses adopt XaaS systems, your company needs to keep up – not to spend more money, but to save you money.

Building Flexibility into Organizations

XaaS is nothing more than a transition from CapEx to OpEx investing. In IT, we’ve adopted the XaaS nomenclature, but basically, it’s just Pay-As-You-Go. Pay for what you use, that’s it.

If you have 100 machines on your network today but think you might pare that down to 85 in the next 3 months, why pay for 100 yearly licenses of anything? Just pay monthly for 100 machines today, and pay for 85 machines in 3 months.

The words “cost-effective” get tossed around like so many other buzzwords in business, but when it comes to XaaS, it’s actually true.

Adopting a cloud-based XaaS strategy for your business IT allows your team and your systems to untether themselves from the physical confines of the office. Your networks administrators can work remotely from any place and you don’t need to pay for floor space for hardware that can reside in a secure data centre in a cheap-energy state.

Create More Efficient Work Processes

Your traditional monitoring systems all have the same basic drawbacks. Proper installation requires dedicated hardware, using the system is extremely taxing on the system’s resources and, worst of all, choices have to be made about data; how much can you afford to keep and where’s the ROI on keeping that data.

A cloud exclusive solution like SentinelAgent has none of these drawbacks. The agent can be deployed at a network level, requires very little space, the bulk of the roles are executed in the cloud and all your data is securely stored on the Microsoft Azure cloud.

Decision makers and network managers can check monitoring logs and performance data from anywhere in the world with raw data available for in-depth analysis. Critical error alerts happen in real-time with SentinelAgent, meaning your company can tackle issues as they happen with minimal delay. The trim architecture of this cloud-based security software means your business won’t need to add more hardware or new programs. The network and its connected devices stay agile and stable.

Improved Business Security

Build-In Company Policies: Working with cloud applications doesn’t mean your business has to sacrifice industry standards or governance. Your company’s own decision makers still have a say in how cloud programs run.

Cloud-based monitoring, automatic updates of digital infrastructure and secure data storage with SentinelAgent means nobody can disrupt or lose your system performance information. The platform provided by the SentinelAgent’s Windows monitoring system leverages secure cloud storage to keep data safe, SSL encryption for network integrity, and a secure e-commerce portal to protect your financial information.

Just as antivirus has become ubiquitous on any and every machine, so now can monitoring thanks to SentinelAgent.